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Welcome to the homepage of "The Chute"

The Most Effective Shot Training Device Available!

It is like having your own personal shooting coach. The Chute works great in the gym or on the driveway. The Chute will help the young athlete develop proper shooting form as well as fine tune and reinforce proper technique for the experienced player. The Chute can be used to help develop proper form on all your shots.

Why it works...
* Puts the elbow in the correct position
* Reinforces the role of the off-hand
* Requires arch to be put on the shot
* Eyes are focused to the target
* Follow Through stays on the target line
* Shooters must be balanced when using it

* The Chute adjusts easily for left handed players
* The Chute is lightweight and easy to move
* The Chute adjusts to various heights for all players
* The Chute disassembles for easy storage